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In addition to our web services, SWTechnologies has developed many web based applications and utilities which have helped simplify the day-to-day operations of our clients. Here are a just a few, but the possibilities are endless.

Online Forms

order form

Online forms can help companies reduce their printing expenses while simplifying the process of information elicitation from their clients. By automating forms, companies are no longer required to mail away form applications or handle cumbersome and hard to read hand written form submissions. Point, Click, Submit... it's that easy!

Dynamic Photo Galleries

photo collage

Have a collection of images to share? Sure, post them on your website. What about a collection of images that keeps changing or growing in size? Well, you can have your website administrator update your site each and every time there are changes, or you can save yourself both time and money with a dynamic, data driven photo gallery. Simply upload your images to the server, sit back and enjoy the advantages of automation.

Interactive Calendar Of Events

calendar of events

Keep your organization, customers and website visitors informed about up-coming events and activities with an interactive calendar of events. Enable visitors to browse through your calendar, view details about each event and even request new events of their own. A secure backend enables an administrator to control which events get posted.